How we met Mariamu

How Mariamu came to America and into our hearts. 

Dr. Aisha Sethi in Malawi

Asante Mariamu’s advisor Dr. Aisha Sethi, works to educate people in Malawi about albinism and improve medical treatment of skin cancer.  Read the University of Chicago Magazine article that tells her challenges and triumphs in Malawi. 

Reclaiming Dignity

Katherine DeWitt (Kitty) opened her home to Mariamu during her visit in December 2009.  Read Kitty’s brief account of Mariamu’s two week stay with her and how it changed her life.

Read our stories to learn more about people involved in Asante Mariamu.

Our First SunDrive

Charles Lauth, an ESOL teacher from Vestal Middle School in upstate New York, worked with his students to launch Asante Mariamu’s very first SunDrive. 

What the NOAH conference meant to me

Asante Mariamu Board Member Linda Wood shares with us her experiences at the NOAH conference this year in Washington, D.C.

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