News Articles

  1. BulletJanuary 2010 The Yale Globalist: White Skin on the Black Market

  1. BulletFebruary 1 2010: Tanzanian school struggles to educate albino children.

  2. BulletJanuary 2010 The Cutting Edge: Life for African Albinos Nasty, Brutal, Short

  3. BulletDecember 2009 The East African: Hunted down and ostracised, Burundi albinos want their own census and MP

  4. BulletDecember 2009 Reuters: Tanzanian albinos shelter in terror from killers

  5. BulletNovember 2009 NY Daily News: 10,000 African albinos in fear of lives after spate of killings spurred by 'magical' bodies belief

  6. BulletNovember 2009 International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Report on plight of Albinos in East Africa

  7. Bullet October 2009: Richard Mgamba wins the Lorenzo Natali Prize for Journalism for The Battle for Souls, an inside story of how albinos live in fear as the rate of their killings continue to rock Tanzania and the East African region: 

  8. BulletJanuary 2009 Slate: How Many Albinos Are in Tanzania? More than you might think.

  9. Bullet September 2008 The Albinism Murders in Tanzania

  10. Bullet July 2008 BBC: Living in fear: Tanzania's albinos

  11. BulletJune 2008 New York Times: Albinos, Long Shunned, Face Threat in Tanzania

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