2012 Work Highlights

Asante Mariamu organized a volunteer trip to the Kabanga School in Western Tanzania, home to 78 children with albinism. We provided sun protective gear and enough sunscreen for one year; hired a Tanzanian dermatologist to spend one month at the school to teach albinism care and awareness.

We brought a teacher for the visually impaired to Kabanga to work with each student on low vision skills. Each student was able to select a magnifier or a monocular to use in the classroom.

We funded a poultry raising project and a tailoring project to give students and mothers critical empowerment skills, and we received a $15,000 grant to refurbish three classrooms at the school.

We provided educational materials and sun protective gear to an albinism support group in Kenya.

We continue to provide support to Mariam Staford, and recently supplied her with her own knitting machine and a computer.

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